photograph by Peter Crosby

photograph by Peter Crosby

photograph by Peter Crosby

photograph by Peter Crosby

TaraMarie Perri


TaraMarie Perri is a teacher, mentor, and guide. Her vocation is to support others in discovering the unique wisdom and capacity of their own human body and mind.

Living in harmony with nature and honoring the cycles and elements of the seasons is at the heart of her work and she has long practiced alchemical and Ayurvedic methods in her own seasonal self-care rituals. She eventually began sharing what she made in her home apothecary with her students and private clients in order to support their individual needs and encourage them to develop their own harmony with nature through seasonal rituals.


Apothecary by TaraMarie Perri was launched in 2017 as an extension of these personal creations so that through her thoughtfully brewed seasonal essential oil blends she could offer the same intention of helping people develop supportive self-care routines and awareness of natural wisdoms to a wider circle.

TaraMarie crafts and releases two brews per season through a meticulous process of examining the forces at play throughout the year and then alchemically combining organic essential oils, spices, herbs, flowers, and other ingredients from the earth to support and balance those forces. She makes every single bottle of oil herself, by hand in her Brooklyn and Callicoon, NY apothecaries.


Through the Apothecary TaraMarie continues to offer one-to-one guidance, holistic therapeutic sessions, and custom seasonal oil brews for those who want to sync the universal seasonal shifts and cycles with their own personal challenges and needs.


TaraMarie is also a long time faculty member at NYU, Tisch School of the Arts and is the founder and director of the Perri Institute for Mind and Body. For more than two decades she has been integrating East and West for students and clients in both group and one-to-one settings dedicated to movement, Yoga (capital Y), injury and illness support, holistic health practices, contemplative arts and sciences, and mind/body/energy therapies.

She finds inspiration through ongoing study with her personal circle of teachers and guides and via unique collaborations with multi-disciplinary colleagues, performers, artists, and thinkers onstage, in-studio, and outdoors.

She lives, teaches, and maintains private client practices in Brooklyn and Callicoon, NY.