How do I use my oil?

Liberally! Apply to pulse points to activate the oil to your personal alchemy (the oils will smell different on everyone), use before bath or bedtime, or incorporate into a self-massage (abhyanga) ritual.


What do Hibernal, Vernal, Estival, and Autumnal mean?

They are 16th century adjectives that roughly represent the four seasons - winter (hibernal), spring (vernal), summer (estival), and fall (autumnal). They are derived from Latin origins that have definitions along the lines of “characteristic of, or appropriate to, or of the season” so they are used at the Apothecary to denote the brew seasons because they describe the essence of a season!


What is Ayurveda?

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What is alchemy?

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How do you brew your oils?

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How do you choose your ingredients? Are they organic?

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Are essential oils safe?

All of TaraMarie's oils combine food or cosmetic grade organic carrier oils with organic spices, herbs, and seasonal ingredients which safely dilute the pure essential oils in each blend to make them safe for topical applications, with a few exceptions. The following health contraindications require certain precautions and guidelines.

For those with epilepsy, heart problems, diabetes or blood clotting problems, thyroid, liver or kidney disease, use essential oils with care.

If pregnant:



clary sage
Juniper Berry
Cinnamon Leaf


Citrus Oils
Common Lavender*
Black Pepper
Ylang Ylang
Tea Tree Oil (not safe during labor)

* There is a lot of confusion over the safety of lavender essential oil in pregnancy because it can be used to regulate periods, but it is safe to use during pregnancy.



How do I know which oil is right for me?

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I liked last season's oil. Can I order it again?

Last season's oils will have potency and support long after the season ends so if they are still in stock, order away. All products will be available until they sell out. However, because the oils are brewed for a specific season, in a specific year, at a specific time, new seasons will always bring new brews. But, TaraMarie is happy to make a past oil again as a custom brew if you become really attached to a specific oil. Email info[at]taramarieperri.com with your request.


There’s sediment at the bottom of my bottle. Is that normal?

Yes! There are often whole spices and herbs ground and infused into the oils. Even though the pulp is strained out once the brew is finished, there will still be sediment suspended in the final product. At times this may settle at the bottom which is normal and expected. A few gentle inversions/shakes of the bottle will remix the oil.


Do the oils expire?

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What do I do with my packaging and the bottle when I am finished with it?

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I love your watercolors. Can I buy them?

Yes! All watercolors are painted by TaraMarie and the two that are chosen for the Apothecary packaging each season are both the inspiration for the brews and a representation of the oil's properties. If you would like to purchase the original artwork for a specific brew or season, email TaraMarie at info[at]taramarieperri.com.


Can I pre-order next season's oils?

The annual subscription will bring each season's oils right to your door when they're released. Otherwise, you can sign up to be notified when next season's brews are released,


What is your shipping policy?

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How do I order wholesale?

Please email TaraMarie Perri at info[at]taramarieperri.com.


Any other questions?

Send an email.